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creepyicons's Journal

creepy icons
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All Members , Moderated

Anyone can join creepyicons and post or take graphics

Sometime soon you can look forward to posting and reading tutorials, and possibly icon challenges.

Not all of our icons are creepy- in fact, most aren't.

Mods/Maintainers: shadowgirl313, silaquiholimion, and izzerg

  • Comment if you take anything.
  • Anyone can join and post or take icons.
  • If you don't know how to credit or upload an icon read about it here
  • Do not claim you made icons if you didn't.
  • Always credit icons
  • Don't hotlink to any of the graphics on this site.
  • We take requests as long as you're specific.
  • Be nice. Period. If you aren't izzerg will ninja you.
  • Have fun!

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